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Water based nanotechnological protection method of Antimic®️ is protected by the International Patent Number: PCT / IB2010 / 051747

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Antimic®️, developed in the laboratories of Sabancı University, was put on the market by Nanotego Nano Technological Products Research and Development Chemical Industry and Trade Corporation.

Antimic Nanoteknoloji
Antimic Nanoteknoloji
Antimic Teknolojisi

What is ANTIMIC Technology?

Antimic®️ is a antimicrobial preservative agent that is more powerful compared to other disinfectants. When applied Antimic®️, forms colorless, odorless nano-sized shields on the surface. These shields prevent microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi from adhering to the surface and stops the reproduction of microorganisms since it maintains its effectiveness for a long time.

Life-Friendly Protection

Antimic Nanoteknoloji

Provides long-term surface protection thanks to its nanotechnological protection shield.

Antimic Antimikrobiyal

It shows antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Antimic Çevre Dostu

It does not contain heavy metals or silver. It is completely water-based.

Antimic Doğa Dostu

It does not leave toxic substances and chemical residues. It is nature friendly.

Antimic Yüzey Dezenfektanı

Since it reacts with the applied surface and becomes a part of it, it doesn’t clear away with washing. It has a permanent effect.

Antimic Yüzey Koruması

It can be applied to almost any surface such as textile products, ceramic, wood, glass, plastic, concrete.


Your living spaces are under maximum protection with Antimic!

It covers the applied surfaces with colorless, odorless nano-sized shields.

It prevents bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae from holding and reproducing on the surface.

Disinfection in corporate spaces with Antimic.

Corporate spaces where a lot of people visit and work are protected by a strong
antimicrobial disinfectant, Antimic. You can protect your visitors and employees from harmful microorganisms.


Antimic® is a broad spectrum, effective disinfectant against viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae.

Antimic Dezenfektan Virüs İkon


Poliovirus Type 1,
Adenovirus Type 5,
strain Adenoid 75,
Murine norovirus,
strain S99 Berlin

Antimic Dezenfektan Bakteri İkon


S.aureus ATCC
P.aeruginosa ATCC
E.coli ATCC 10536;
E.hirae ATCC 10541

Antimic Dezenfektan Mantar İkon


C.albicans ATCC
brasiliensis ATCC 16404

Antimic Dezenfektan Alg İkon


Oocystis parva veya Oocystis solitaria;

How to Use Antimic?

Surface Preparation Before Application

Before applying Antimic®️ to the surfaces, make sure that the surface is clean, dry and free from dust.

Tips During Application

When applying Antimic®️ to the surface, make sure that the surface is covered evenly. Allow Antimic®️ to dry completely before you start using the surface.

Long-Lasting Hygiene After Application

Regular cleaning of surfaces ensures that the Antimic® works at its maximum performance. Regular cleaning of the Antimic®️ applied surfaces should be continued.